Utopia Dynasty.jpg

Section Name:  Utopian Dynasty

Description:  Imbued with the wisdom, beauty and strength of the creator, the citizens of Utopia are living gods, royalty and warriors for goodness.  Adorned in red to symbolize the blood that all beings share, they exemplify, that society founded on justice and betterment of each member is attainable.  The gates to the perpetual empire are open to all to reign now and forever in the Utopian Dynasty.

Section Leaders:  Aisha and Riann for Dynasty Collective Intl.

Contact #: 647-515-5683 or 1-844-384-7701 (toll free for USA and Can)

Contact Email: dynastycollectiveintl@gmail.com

Twitter: @dynastycollectiveintl

IG: @dynastycollectiveintl

Pricing and itemization:  

backline - $220: head piece, neck piece, cuffs, garter, bra, choice of jewel panty or panty and belt

midline - *SOLD OUT*

frontline - *SOLD OUT*

men's backline - $175: head piece, cuffs, leg bands, chest sash, belt, shorts

men's frontline - *SOLD OUT*

addon mask - *SOLD OUT*


addon leg - $40

addon frontline leg - $65

addon collar - *SOLD OUT*

addon backpiece - *SOLD OUT*

addon boa - $15

addon skirt - $25

addon wire bra - *SOLD OUT*

addon monokini - $45


Section Name:  Maleficent and The Shapeshifting Diaval

Description:  Queen of The Moors and Sworn Protector of the land, Maleficents's heart sows Darkness everywhere she may go. Harbouring a Desire of Vengeance, for the Evil Kings Betrayal of cutting off her wings. She gave Diaval her Sworn Servant, the power to shape shift at her will. As a crow he was her eyes in Sky that she could no longer be, and when the Big Battle Came, he turned into a Powerful Dragon Protecting his Queen! When they won the battle, and the Princess was Rescued by Maleficents First Kiss of True Love. The Queen of All Evil was once again re-United with her Magnificent Wings and she was once again able to Accept Light and Love into her Heart, Restoring life and Beauty into the Land  that she reigned.

Section Leaders:  Kristie

Contact #: 416-450-0628

Contact email: sweetdread@live.ca

Pricing and itemization:  

Female Ultra frontline $1500
Ultra wire bra $85

Midline #1 (cape) $340
Cape $80
Staff $25
Lace bra $15
Big Horn headpiece $20
Extra gemmed panty $5

Midline #2 (one-piece) $350
Midline headpiece $50
One piece $65 (requires custom fit appointment)
Midline leg piece $40
Boa $15

Midline #3 (small wings) $350
Small wings $100
Wire bra $60
Extra gemmed panty $5

Female backline $220

Male Frontline $300
Frontline headpiece $30
Cape $100
Staff $25

Male backline $180

Queen Persephone.jpg

Section Name:  Persephone

Description:  Daughter of Zeus, Goddess of Spring. Married to the king of the underworld, Queen Persephone comes from the underworld every Spring to bless the earth with meadows and life. Today Sunlime presents life and growth with...Persephone.

Section Leader:  Shauneeda May

Contact #: 647-504-9072

Contact Email: designsbymaay@gmail.com

IG: @designsbymaay

Pricing and itemization:  

Backline —  $220 Tiara, Choker – Arm piece, Wrist bands , Waist belt, Jewelled Bikini, Feather leg pieces

Midline — $325  Feathered Tiara, Neck piece, Wrist Bands, One-Piece body wear, Mini Pack, Feathered Legs 

Frontline —  SOLD OUT*

Front Line Without Large Pack — *SOLD OUT*

Male — $175 Feathered Head Piece, Body Collar ,Arm Bands, Wrist Bands, Belt, Leg Pieces


Cut Out Bra $40

Hot Shorts $10

Spider Panty $15

High Waist Panty $25

Trap Panty $25

Backline Belt

  • Mini size (as pictured without Jewelled panty) $15
  • Medium and Large $30

Mini Pack $50

Feathered Tiara $20

Feathered Wrist $12

Queen of Charlotte’s Court.jpg

Section Name:  Queen Charlotte's Court

Description:  In 1761 Sophie Charlotte married King George the III and became England’s first black queen. She reined for 57 years.  Sophie was a direct descendent of an African branch of Portuguese royalty. Queen Sophia Charlotte’s African bloodline in the British royal family is not common knowledge. Her portraits were often altered to hide her black features and if not for King George demanding her features be truthful, her true likeness would never be known. Well educated, extremely generous and an extraordinary love for fine arts, made Sophie Charlotte loved by the people of England. According to historians she is the great-great grandmother of the present Queen Elizabeth the II. Queen Sophie Charlotte, England’s first black Queen.    

Section Leader:  Lorna & Sean

Contact #: Lorna 647-880-0420, Sean 647-880-3773

Contact Email: lornakw98@gmail.com

IG: @islandlimerz

Pricing and Itemization:  

Backline —  $220

Midline — $360  

Frontline —  $520

X-Frontline —  $780

Ultra —  $800 

Male —  $175 


Feathered Head Piece $15

Midline Head Piece $30

Large Feather Leg Piece $60


Marva of Arabia.jpg

Section Name:  Mavia of Arabia

Description:  Mavia, was an Arab warrior-queen, who ruled over a confederation of semi-nomadic Arabs, in southern Syria, in the latter half of the fourth century. She led her troops in a rebellion against late Roman rule, riding at the head of her army into Phoenicia and Palestine. After reaching the frontiers of Egypt and repeatedly defeating the Roman army, the Romans finally made a truce with her on conditions she stipulated. The Romans later called upon her for assistance when being attacked by the Goths.

Section Leader: Fiona

Contact #: 647-382-7271

Contact Email: oasis.mas2017@gmail.com

IG: @oasis.mas

Pricing and Itemization:  

Ultra Front-line: $1200 Gem wire bra, Gem thong or spider panty, thigh piece and leg pieces, necklace, bangles, tiara and extra large backpacks

Frontline $900 Gem wire bra, gem thong or spider panty, legs pieces, necklace, bangles, tiara and large(backpack) 

Midline $320 Gem bra, gem belt ,leg pieces, bangles,  tiara and medium collar

Backline $220 Gem bra,  gem belt, leg pieces, necklace,  bangles and tiara. small shoulder piece optional

Male $185


Wire bra $125

Large collar piece $100

Monokini $40

High waisted panty $30

Shorts $15

Boa $10

Victorian Empire.jpg

Section Name:  Victorian Empire

Description:  Queen Victoria became queen at the age of 18 after the death of her father and her brothers, she then went on to reigned for 63 years longer than those before her.  Her period of reign is known as the Victorian era, which entailed a period of military, cultural, fashion and scientific and more changes to the British Empire.  Queen Victoria, who single-handedly restored a tarnished reputation of the monarchy, In doing so she has shaped the new role of the Royal Family. 

Section Leader:  Fiona

Contact #: 647-382-7271

Contact Email: oasis.mas2017@gmail.com

IG: @oasis.mas

Pricing and Itemization:  

Ultra front line - $1200 Gem wire bra, Gem thong or spider panty, thigh piece and leg pieces, necklace, bangles, tiara, and extra large backpacks

Front line - $800 Gem wire bra, gem thong or spider panty, legs pieces, necklace, bangles, tiara and large(backpack)

Mid line - $320 Gem bra, gem belt ,leg pieces, bangles,  tiara and medium collar

Back line - $220 Gem bra,  gem belt, leg pieces, necklace,  bangles and tiara. small shoulder piece optional

Male - $185


Wire bra - $125

Large collar piece - $100

Monokini $40

High waisted panty $30

Shorts $15

Boa $10


Queen of Sheba.jpg

Section Name: Queen of Sheba

Description:  Ethiopia's Long Standing Queen who is also Known as Makeda and Bellis.
She sought The wisdom of King Solomon The Great while journeying to Jerusalem.

Section Leader:  Dj Toxic and Bernz 

Contact #: 647-588-3261 or 647-741-1536

Contact Email: toxicvibz@live.com or shirnelda@hotmail.com

IG: @dj.toxic, @bernzrichland

FB:  dj toxic / Bernz Promotions 


Method of Payment: 

USA: Ticketgateway, PayPal or Western Union 

Canada: Email Transfer or cash



Royal Nineties.jpg

Section Name: Royal Ninties

Description:  Your Royal Freshness was finally here!

As this fresh Prince pulled up and sat on his throne he reigns triumphantly as the prince of a town called Bel-Air. The revival of a classic takes on a new shape. We wait for fresh princess to arrive to sit on her throne as the princess of Bel-Air. In Living Color brought the “Fly Girls” to the mainstream and had the nation dancing. Fresh trendy styles and moves brought this provoking uncensored classic to life. Both born in 90’s, they reigned to shake up the norm. 

Section Leader:  Reena

Contact Email: tryinatingyes@gmail.com

IG: @ms_miamore / @mia.carnival.6ix

Pricing and Itemization:

Backline - $210 Jeweled bikini bra, Regular bikini bottom, Belt, Necklace, Two Arm pieces, Two Leg pieces, (Tiara Optional $0)

Backline Upgrade - $230 Upgraded jeweled bra, Bikini bottom, Belt, Necklace, two arm pieces, two feathered leg pieces, one garter, (Tiara Optional $0)

High waist or Halter panty or Thong - $35
Hot shorts - $15
Feathered leg piece - $20
Glasses with string - $15
Wire bra - $100

Midline 1 - *SOLD OUT*

Midline 2–  *SOLD OUT*


Folding Glasses- $20
Collar (shoulder piece) - $60
Wire bra - $100

Frontline - $600 Upgraded Tiara, Upgraded Wire bra with attached necklace, Thong or Regular bikini bottom, Two arm pieces, Two upgraded feathered leg pieces, Two garters, Large Backpack, Upgraded Glasses with string


High waist or Halter panty - $35

Male Backline 1 – $175 Hat, Chest piece, Belt, Two arm pieces, Two leg pieces, Shorts

Male Backline 2 – $200 Jeweled head piece, Chest piece, Belt, Two arm pieces, Two leg pieces, Shorts


Glasses with string - $15


Section Name:  Mermaids

Description:  The Nereids were sea-nymphs and were portrayed at times with fish tails and at times with legs.  Nereus, father of the Nereids, was one of the Titans and was the oldest son of Pontus (the Sea) and Gaia(the Earth).  He was considered the Old Man of the Sea, and was depicted as a human with a long fishlike tail. His wife Doris was the daughter of Oceanus and Tethys, both of whom were children of Uranus (the Sky) and Gaia.

When the Titans were overthrown by Zeus and his siblings,   Nereus was replaced as ruler of the seas by Poseidon.

Section Leaders:  Candice

Contact #: 416-456-4734

Contact Email: nicemas17@gmail.com / candicenikkole@gmail.com

IG: @candy1­­_world

Pricing and itemization:  

Base line - $220  Tiara, jewelled Bra, waist Belt , Arm and leg piece, Neck piece,  Bikini bottom or boy shorts

Mid-line - $250  Tiara, Bra, Waist Belt, Arm and Leg Piece, Bikini or Boy Shorts, Side Collar Piece

Front Line - SOLD OUT!!

Ultra Front-line   - $1000 Feathered Head Piece, Bra, Waist Band, Feathered Back piece, Jewelled leg piece, neck piece

Male baseline  - $195. Men Shorts, Belt, Chest piece, Arm and Leg piece

Male Front line - $250 Men Shorts, Belt, chest piece, Arm and Leg Piece, Large Mohawk


Wire Bra -  $125

Spider  Bikini - $25

High Waist Bikini - $25

Small Feathered Collar Piece - $ 40

 Feathered Back piece - $100

Jewelled leg piece - $25

Ultra headpiece - $100

Boa's - $10


Section Name:  Cleopatra

Description: Cleopatra VII ruled ancient Egypt as co-regent (first with her two younger brothers and then with her son) for almost three decades. She became the last in a dynasty of Macedonian rulers founded by Ptolemy, who served as general under Alexander the Great during his conquest of Egypt in 332 B.C. Well-educated and clever, Cleopatra could speak various languages and served as the dominant ruler in all three of her co-regencies. Her romantic liaisons and military alliances with the Roman leaders Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, as well as her supposed exotic beauty and powers of seduction, earned her an enduring place in history and popular myth.

Contact #: 416-990-7112

IG: @sunlimemas

Pricing and itemization:  

Baseline - $220  Features: Tiara, jewelled bra, waist belt, arm and leg piece, jewelled panty and small shoulder piece

Mid-line - $320  Features: Features: Tiara, jewelled bra, waist belt, arm and leg piece, jewelled panty and collar piece

Male $185


Boas: $10

Shorts: $15

Wholesuit / Tankini: $40