Marva of Arabia.jpg

Section Name:  Mavia of Arabia

Description:  Mavia, was an Arab warrior-queen, who ruled over a confederation of semi-nomadic Arabs, in southern Syria, in the latter half of the fourth century. She led her troops in a rebellion against late Roman rule, riding at the head of her army into Phoenicia and Palestine. After reaching the frontiers of Egypt and repeatedly defeating the Roman army, the Romans finally made a truce with her on conditions she stipulated. The Romans later called upon her for assistance when being attacked by the Goths.

Section Leader: Fiona

Contact #: 647-382-7271

Contact Email:

IG: @oasis.mas

Pricing and Itemization:  

Ultra Front-line: $1200 Gem wire bra, Gem thong or spider panty, thigh piece and leg pieces, necklace, bangles, tiara and extra large backpacks

Frontline $900 Gem wire bra, gem thong or spider panty, legs pieces, necklace, bangles, tiara and large(backpack) 

Midline $320 Gem bra, gem belt ,leg pieces, bangles,  tiara and medium collar

Backline $220 Gem bra,  gem belt, leg pieces, necklace,  bangles and tiara. small shoulder piece optional

Male $185


Wire bra $125

Large collar piece $100

Monokini $40

High waisted panty $30

Shorts $15

Boa $10