Section Name:  Maleficent and The Shapeshifting Diaval

Description:  Queen of The Moors and Sworn Protector of the land, Maleficents's heart sows Darkness everywhere she may go. Harbouring a Desire of Vengeance, for the Evil Kings Betrayal of cutting off her wings. She gave Diaval her Sworn Servant, the power to shape shift at her will. As a crow he was her eyes in Sky that she could no longer be, and when the Big Battle Came, he turned into a Powerful Dragon Protecting his Queen! When they won the battle, and the Princess was Rescued by Maleficents First Kiss of True Love. The Queen of All Evil was once again re-United with her Magnificent Wings and she was once again able to Accept Light and Love into her Heart, Restoring life and Beauty into the Land  that she reigned.

Section Leaders:  Kristie

Contact #: 416-450-0628

Contact email:

Pricing and itemization:  

Female Ultra frontline $1500
Ultra wire bra $85

Midline #1 (cape) $340
Cape $80
Staff $25
Lace bra $15
Big Horn headpiece $20
Extra gemmed panty $5

Midline #2 (one-piece) $350
Midline headpiece $50
One piece $65 (requires custom fit appointment)
Midline leg piece $40
Boa $15

Midline #3 (small wings) $350
Small wings $100
Wire bra $60
Extra gemmed panty $5

Female backline $220

Male Frontline $300
Frontline headpiece $30
Cape $100
Staff $25

Male backline $180