Section Name:  Mermaids

Description:  The Nereids were sea-nymphs and were portrayed at times with fish tails and at times with legs.  Nereus, father of the Nereids, was one of the Titans and was the oldest son of Pontus (the Sea) and Gaia(the Earth).  He was considered the Old Man of the Sea, and was depicted as a human with a long fishlike tail. His wife Doris was the daughter of Oceanus and Tethys, both of whom were children of Uranus (the Sky) and Gaia.

When the Titans were overthrown by Zeus and his siblings,   Nereus was replaced as ruler of the seas by Poseidon.

Section Leaders:  Candice

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Pricing and itemization:  

Base line - $220  Tiara, jewelled Bra, waist Belt , Arm and leg piece, Neck piece,  Bikini bottom or boy shorts

Mid-line - $250  Tiara, Bra, Waist Belt, Arm and Leg Piece, Bikini or Boy Shorts, Side Collar Piece

Front Line - SOLD OUT!!

Ultra Front-line   - $1000 Feathered Head Piece, Bra, Waist Band, Feathered Back piece, Jewelled leg piece, neck piece

Male baseline  - $195. Men Shorts, Belt, Chest piece, Arm and Leg piece

Male Front line - $250 Men Shorts, Belt, chest piece, Arm and Leg Piece, Large Mohawk


Wire Bra -  $125

Spider  Bikini - $25

High Waist Bikini - $25

Small Feathered Collar Piece - $ 40

 Feathered Back piece - $100

Jewelled leg piece - $25

Ultra headpiece - $100

Boa's - $10