Queen Persephone.jpg

Section Name:  Persephone

Description:  Daughter of Zeus, Goddess of Spring. Married to the king of the underworld, Queen Persephone comes from the underworld every Spring to bless the earth with meadows and life. Today Sunlime presents life and growth with...Persephone.

Section Leader:  Shauneeda May

Contact #: 647-504-9072

Contact Email: designsbymaay@gmail.com

IG: @designsbymaay

Pricing and itemization:  

Backline —  $220 Tiara, Choker – Arm piece, Wrist bands , Waist belt, Jewelled Bikini, Feather leg pieces

Midline — $325  Feathered Tiara, Neck piece, Wrist Bands, One-Piece body wear, Mini Pack, Feathered Legs 

Frontline —  SOLD OUT*

Front Line Without Large Pack — *SOLD OUT*

Male — $175 Feathered Head Piece, Body Collar ,Arm Bands, Wrist Bands, Belt, Leg Pieces


Cut Out Bra $40

Hot Shorts $10

Spider Panty $15

High Waist Panty $25

Trap Panty $25

Backline Belt

  • Mini size (as pictured without Jewelled panty) $15
  • Medium and Large $30

Mini Pack $50

Feathered Tiara $20

Feathered Wrist $12