Utopia Dynasty.jpg

Section Name:  Utopian Dynasty

Description:  Imbued with the wisdom, beauty and strength of the creator, the citizens of Utopia are living gods, royalty and warriors for goodness.  Adorned in red to symbolize the blood that all beings share, they exemplify, that society founded on justice and betterment of each member is attainable.  The gates to the perpetual empire are open to all to reign now and forever in the Utopian Dynasty.

Section Leaders:  Aisha and Riann for Dynasty Collective Intl.

Contact #: 647-515-5683 or 1-844-384-7701 (toll free for USA and Can)

Contact Email: dynastycollectiveintl@gmail.com

Twitter: @dynastycollectiveintl

IG: @dynastycollectiveintl

Pricing and itemization:  

backline - $220: head piece, neck piece, cuffs, garter, bra, choice of jewel panty or panty and belt

midline - *SOLD OUT*

frontline - *SOLD OUT*

men's backline - $175: head piece, cuffs, leg bands, chest sash, belt, shorts

men's frontline - *SOLD OUT*

addon mask - *SOLD OUT*


addon leg - $40

addon frontline leg - $65

addon collar - *SOLD OUT*

addon backpiece - *SOLD OUT*

addon boa - $15

addon skirt - $25

addon wire bra - *SOLD OUT*

addon monokini - $45